In many ways Madagascar is unique: unique animal life, unique birdlife and its people an unusual mix of African and Eastern origin, with a sprinkling of French thrown in which does wonders for the culinary delights of the country!

This is the country to come to see many species of lemur, from nocturnal tiny mouse lemurs to the large and vocal indri and the poster-boy – the ring-tailed lemur.  But Madagascar is far more than lemurs – swim with sea turtles and look for whales off its beautiful coastline, walk the mountains of the Tsaranoro Valley and explore the extraordinary scenery of the Tsingy, the karstic limestone outcroppings that seem almost other-worldly.

And most of all, wander the villages and rural areas to see the rice being grown in the fields, the goods being carried to and from markets and the children laughing and smiling all the way.  A trip to Madagascar allows for photo opportunities of people and communities which is rare in our experience; we believe this is because, as yet, Madagascar is a relatively untouched tourist destination – visit it before that changes!

A word of warning – Madagascar is huge – the 4th largest island in the world and many roads are poor or virtually non-existant; to see much of the country you need to take some internal flights.  You’ll find decent quality 3 -4* hotels and lodges but some aspects of the country can be challenging – delays can happen and some of the infrastructure is not as developed as in many mainland African countries.  For those prepared to travel with an open mind and humour, Madagascar has huge attractions!

Contact us for your bespoke Madagascar itinerary – our recommendation will depend on how much time you have, whether your interests are lemurs, hiking, culture or beach – or indeed a combination of them all!

Sample set departure Madagascar itinerary below, 12 days travelling overland to see the dry west and the humid and wetter east.  Highlights include lemurs and hiking the Tsingy de Bemaraha, using 3 * properties.

Madagascar a land of contrasts.