Rwanda is a tiny country, hugely populated, whose main safari draw is its mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park, where Dian Fossey did the early research on gorillas.

The gorillas can be reached from Kigali, the capital, which allows a 2 or 3 day gorilla extension to be easily arranged as part of a safari to Tanzania or Kenya.  Rwanda also has spectacular scenery, ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ has terraces everywhere and the area around the almost impossibly beautiful Lake Kivu is quite astonishing.

The Nyungwe Forest to the south-west is home to a great range of primate species, including chimpanzee and to some of the largest troops of colobus monkey on the continent.  You can visit a habituated troop of colobus and look for habituated chimps in a smaller part of the forest as well as enjoy the fantastic forest scenery from the aerial wayway at canopy level in the forest.  Nyungwe is renowned as birding hot-spot, where a number of endemic Rift species are found and where the east African species meet those from the central African forests.

Travel around Rwanda is becoming easier as paved roads are increasing, and when the road down Lake Kivu is finished, a huge difference will have been made to the Kigali/Volcanoes/Nyungwe circuit.

Rwanda’s major wildlife areas include Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest and Akagera Park.

For itineraries in Rwanda please see below and the Kenya and Rwanda’s gorillas itinerary under Kenya.
Simply Gorillas, 4 day extension to see Rwanda’s gorillas, from $1,570 per person sharing plus gorilla permits.

Rwanda’s Gorillas, Chimps, lakes and birdlife, 7 days from US$ 3,280 per person plus permits.

Note: Rwanda has doubled their gorilla permit fees to $1500 per person per day w.e.f. 6/05/33017.  There are some incentives to reduce this such as spending 3 nights in another Rwandan park such as Nyungwe Forest would reduce the permit cost by 30%.