South Africa

South Africa is a terrific and beautiful country with much to offer, from the wine-lands of the Cape Region to the coastal beauty of Natal and the famous Garden Route. The Kruger National Park is world-class, as are some of the private reserves surrounding it, however it is a very popular area, particularly with self-drive cars from within South Africa, and if you’re looking for a short 2 or 3 day safari as part of a visit to South Africa, it fits perfectly.

If however, you are looking for a safari as the mainstay of your trip, we believe there are other, more varied and more genuine safari destinations, and consequently we do not offer safaris in South Africa.  If you would like an extension to a Botswana or Zambian safari to visit Cape Town, the wine-lands or travel on the famous and iconic luxury Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town or vice versa, do get in touch.  This can easily be arranged and is a marvellous way to finish a southern African safari.

If you are interested in visiting South Africa do please get in touch.